Why don’t I like shopping at the mall anymore?

I love the buzz of the city where people sell their stuff on the local markets or in the local shops. While being a teen, shopping was always a big part of my social life. I would meet my friends and we would spend the whole Saturday at the shopping center or at the mall […]


“You may not be able to read a doctor’s handwriting and prescription, but you’ll notice his bills are neatly typewritten” same goes with me as an Auditor, “You may not be able to read an auditor’s handwriting and objections, but you’ll notice his reports are neatly typewritten” Bad handwriting is not abnormal in children but […]

Shab e Miraj (the night of journey)

Last night it was 27th Rajab (date according to the Islamic calendar) and it was the Shab e Miraj. Shab e Miraj is the night on which prophet Muhammad PBUH was invited by Allah (the creator) to visit him. He on this journey witnessed things no living man has ever seen before i.e. heaven, hell […]

23rd March Pakistan: A Parade of hope and peace

The two-nation theory is the basis of the creation of Pakistan. It states that Muslims and Hindus are two separate nations, by all means, therefore, Muslims should be able to have their own separate homeland in the Muslim majority areas of British Indian Empire. In which Islam can be practiced as the dominant religion. It […]

Derive By Deprive

Derive By Deprive I often read the success stories of famous actors, doctors, athletes etc. In every other story I asses that there was some power which derived them to heights of success. That unseen power pushed them to work harder and harder until it took them beyond the border of failure and made them […]