Who are we?

Even though we are from different countries, different cultures and religions but still finding out a large part of our lives has lots of similarities.

Name: Sharon
Born: March 1980 in a small town in the Netherlands
Currently living in Norway.
Grew up in a strict Christian cult from birth. Broke out in 2013.
In my articles I want to share how it is to grow up in a strict and closed community. What an impact religion made in my life and how my life is now.

Name: Sultan
Born: January 1982, Pakistan
Currently living in Pakistan.
In my articles I want to share personal experiences about difficulties in routine life and then moving on in search of peace and success.

Name: Muhammad
Born: Aug 1985 in a city named Lahore Pakistan.
Currently living in Lahore.
Grew up in a moderate Islamic family from birth.
I will try to tell you the ups and downs I faced in my religious and social life. I will try to unearth some bitter realities that people do in the name of religion and tradition.