Being in my early ’30s is the best time I think I am having ever. It’s not because of any material gain or job satisfaction, nor is the best age to do things that I haven’t done before. It’s also not about being too old to risk my butt catching a cold by doing some […]

I lost my music, where do I start?

Music has always been a big part of my life. My mum and dad always sang and played different instruments. They would preform in our church, on conventions and in local churches. When I was 4 years old I sang second voice and didn’t take long until they would let me sing with them. At […]

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Since my childhood, I was dealing with one of my habits of counting things around me. As far as I remember, it started from counting fruits on a tree. Then I started counting stars on the sky and then it never stopped, counting floor tiles, nails in windows/doors/cabinets, colors in any logo, alphabets in any […]

Freedom of religion and its dilemma

Children should be free

Last night I sat down with my daughter Nathalie. We were talking about freedom of religion and the impact religion has on children. I knew she had nightmares as a little child but I didn’t know it was because of what she heard in church every Sunday. As adult you might forget that, no matter […]

A True Friend

I have many friends who are being emotionally supportive, who listen to me thoughtfully, who go out of their way for me, reliable and accept me and all my flaws but still I believe that one can be his own worst enemy and same way one can be his own best friend as Choose Wisely […]

The Religion of the Fakesters

In my last blog, I mentioned that grave worshiping is an ideology about the saints being alive in their graves, listening and solving people’s problems. The head of this spiritual order is known as Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani RA. The followers of this spiritual order call him with self made name as Ghaus e Azam […]

No Lightning nor Thunder

To say the words “I am getting older” scare me sometimes. There are so many things I always wanted to do and wasn’t allowed to and now I feel a big part of my life has been wasted and there is so much to catch up on. But when I look in the mirror and […]

Hard work really payoff ??

I am a banker by profession. I think, in any job sector, you can’t survive or grow your career without political opinions and principles. Either your immediate bosses don’t want to see you grow as a successful fellow or your subordinates don’t support you because of jealousy or any other reason. Now if your immediate bosses […]


From being a child, until today my parents never imposed any serious terms of religion on me. Though there are many families around me that practiced religious norms and values very dearly. My parents were clearly moderate in practicing religion. They taught me to be a good, honest, caring, fair and loving person and that […]