Happy Women’s Day

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Women’s Day was before a day that I didn’t think so much about then that there was a group of women who rebelled against their husbands, and the state ruled by men, to have equal rights as men. The day was often talked about with a lot of contempt for those who dared to go against the Bible principle and the laws made by men.

I remember this one episode of “Little House on the Prairie” (one of the series we were allowed to watch) where Caroline Ingalls gathered the women from town and stayed at the hotel to get all the husbands to sign a petition that would give them more rights. I remember the contempt my mum had: “How could she do that? How could she rebel against her husband like that?”

Our men were like kings, but we weren’t really their Queens.

No, that was not something we should approve. We had to submit ourselves to our father who was the head of the family and later in life the husband who had the last word. Education was not important. It was more expected of us to be in the kitchen all day, keep the house clean, produce babies and raise our children. Our men were like kings, but we weren’t really their Queens.

It is hard to think back to the time when I was accused of taking Johan’s place, being “the boss”. Then I have to say that I did had to step up. Marrying so young as we did, he wasn’t really ready to be the “head” of our little family and didn’t set any boundaries so I had to do that. And it never bothered him. Johan and me, we were always a team but others who looked down at us, they judged it as me taking the reigns and being his boss.

The fact that women were entitled to vote was completely idiotic and voting was certainly not something we should do and most of us, we didn’t. And Oh my God imagine that we actually were allowed to drive a car because according to the prophet of our cult, it was unheard of and we shouldn’t be allowed to drive. In fact, the women got blamed for the world’s problems. Dragged down as we were not worth anything. I questioned it often how we could be the blamed for the sin in the garden of Eden, and got stamped as being the weaker gender. I felt it was unjust. I didn’t choose to be born as a woman. It just happened that I got to this world as one.

It is still untrue to experience that my heart is touched every year, we celebrate women’s day on the 8th of March since I made my life’s most scary choice: leaving what I had learned to live for and that was the only sanity, from the day I was born.

I am proud to be a strong woman who has her own dreams and life. I’m proud to give my voice to the party I think does a good job and do not take it for granted.

I am grateful to the women who rebelled, who had changed laws and granted us rights.

Brave and strong were they and are those who still fight! Our work isn’t done yet! There are only 6 countries in the whole wide world that really have equal rights for men and women. According to the report of the world bank which you can read about here on CNN.

The criteria analyzed were: going places, starting a job, getting paid, getting married, having children, running a business, managing assets and getting a pension. Those were broken down into questions such as: “Can a woman travel outside her home in the same way as a man?” and “Is there legislation specifically address domestic violence?”

Overall, the global average came in at 74.71 — an increase of more than four and a half points compared to a decade ago. But the score indicates that in the average nation, women receive just three-quarters of the legal rights that men do.

“Gender equality is a critical component of economic growth,” Georgieva wrote in the report. “Women are half of the world’s population and we have our role to play in creating a more prosperous world. But we won’t succeed in playing it if the laws are holding us back.”

So to all the brave and strong women in the world, I want to say: Keep fighting and happy women’s day!

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17 thoughts on “Happy Women’s Day

  1. happy women’s day! i love the roles women are able to have today. In my family, i am the breadwinner and the “boss.” i am very independent and have been on my own since i was 18. I love my family, but also love that i can be independent and strong.

  2. If both parties would follow the positions that the Lord intended, men and women could live together very well. I have no problem submitting to my husband, because he loves me. And, because he loves me, he doesn’t lord over me.

  3. We’ve come a long way but there is still much work to be done. Thank you for inspiring others to keep fighting!

  4. I’m forever grateful for those strong women who stood up for all other women and fought to give us rights. I’m also grateful for all women today and how far we have become and will continue to grow! We can do anything!

  5. This is such an interesting read. Not only we should be thankful to these women but we have to continue what they started. More power to us 🙂

  6. I watched as my single mom upgraded her high school, received a degree in post secondary while working and raising three preteen boys. Strong. That’s what women do.

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