Kashmir: the burning beauty

There are many places in the World that I have been to and many that I want to go still. I have been to England, the USA, Turkey, Dubai and many more places. They all are very amazing places to visit. They all have their own special magic that attracts the tourists like if you go to the USA, Orlando is the city for all of the theme parks, Los Vegas is famous for its nightlife and New York is famous for its skyscrapers etc. Similarly, Turkey is famous about the history it carries about the Christians rule, Ottomon Empire, Rumi’s tomb etc. England is also very famous as a nation who ruled the world as a superpower of its time. Dubai is famous for being a perfect Metropolitan city developed out in the wild deserts.

But there is this one place that I have visited twice and I have left my heart there. Azad Kashmir is the only place where I want to go again and again. It’s a place known as a paradise on earth, a place with abundant eye-catching natural beauty. One of its ultimate beauty is that it is thickly wooded and the Neelum River. Azad Kashmir is famous for its dry fruits especially the walnuts. It’s also famous for its wildlife i.e. markhor, black bear, cheetah, monkeys, black snakes, horses, and Himalayan monal. Azad Kashmir keeps its fame for its fruits, herbs, green vegetables, beans, and rare stones. Neelum Valley is most famous for its lakes and heart touching scenery. The people of Azad Kashmir are very friendly and hospitable.

But they are living their lives in a vague harmony. Their safety and security are being challenged by the great LOC (line of control). In the year 2018, Indian forces violated the cease-fire agreement for over 1300 times. Sometimes these violations are done on mosques, houses, colleges and sometimes they target the school’s buses.

What this part of Kashmir faces from Indian forces time to time, is a routine life of people living in Jammu & Kashmir (Indian occupied Kashmir). In 2018, over 400 Kashmiris got killed by state-owned forces to silenced their voice of freedom. Over 1300 Kashmiris got blinded since 2016 by the use of pallet guns against the unarmed freedom protesters. Other then that Indian forces have been accused of raping the innocent Kashmiri Womens many times in past.

5th of February is observed as a Kashmir Day in Pakistan. On his day the whole nation pledges to work for the freedom of the Indian Occupied Kashmir. On this day Pakistanis refresh their pledge to support and stand with their Kashmiri brothers and sisters to help them achieve their long desired freedom. On this day rallies, seminars and speeches are conducted on every platform from schools, colleges, provincial assemblies, national assemblies, foreign embassies and the UN in favor of the right of freedom for Kashmiris.

Burhan Wani was a young 22 years old freedom fighter and a local hero due to his bravery and activities on social media. In 2016 his death by the hands of Indian forces gave this freedom movement a new life. From his death, till today every passing day, their freedom cause is getting highlighted more than before. Every passing day makes the lives of people living in Indian occupied Kashmir more and more difficult, but their passion has never gone down for freedom. Every day they make their protest registered and chant their slogans with fierce and anger for freedom.




3 thoughts on “Kashmir: the burning beauty

  1. This article is evidently a non researched piece. I’m an Indian and what you have written is entirely wrong. When you don’t know exactly what the situation in this area. How could you write irresponsibly without conducting proper research. Indian Forces are deployed to safeguard kashmir citizens and save them from brutal acts by Pakistan. These local kashmir were well treated and are socially, economically supported by Indian govt. But, They sell their soul for money to cause disharmony in the state. And, It is not Kashmir Occupied by India. It is always a part of India.

    Who you call a freedom fighter is a terrorist, And is not a hero. Hero don’t commit such genocides and heinous acts.

    1. Dear Ashish your reply is most welcome, but you commented as like your media! which is expert and famous in creating HOAX. UN reports declared that Indian forces have killed over 43000 unarmed Kashmiris so far, real numbers would be way more. So the forces deployed to safe guard them killed over 43000 Kashmiris? LOLxx stop living in movies and come to real world. UN declared Indian forces indulged in raping Kashmiris women. Human Rights commission have declared violations from Indian forces. I hope you know about the use of pellet gun that blinded over 1300 people in Kashmir by the forces deployed to protect them by blinding them ? I am pretty sure my research will mean nothing to an Indian. But you can watch these videos, what the people of Kashmir are Chanting about. I hope you have good hearing capabilities.


      btw there are thousands of videos like these where Kashmiris Chanting for Freedom….. on youtube !

      i hope you dont see any of them with any weapons, if India would have treated them with all what you said above, they would never ever have holded Pakistani Flags. But just to make it clear for you, they are saying “KASHMIR BANAY GA PAKISTAN”.


      Even the Sikh people are chanting for freedom and i hope you haven’t read about killing thousands of innocent Sikhs.


      let me translate it to you this one, they are saying we are Pakistanis and Pakistan is our. 1 question i want to ask to you dearest Ashish that why is India so much afaid of UN resolutions? why not come to table for talks?

      I am sure you would not have seen this video by Erica Derrickson an award winning actress and photographer. She was in Kashmir and she witnessed Indian army deployment for what you called their safe guarding …..


      Do watch it with open heart. She said Indian Army is oppressing, abusing, murdering, raping and torturing Kashmiri People.

      peace <3

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