7 signs of spiritual abuse

Sometimes I wonder how people get the control and get people to follow them almost blindly. Wondering if we actually want to use our brains and think for ourselves or rather let other people do the thinking for us. Because a person in a leading position doesn’t really have any authority unless we give them […]

Burning Earth awaits the Messiah – Chapter II

Summary:Burning Earth awaits the Messiah, but which one, democratic, dictator, king, communist or a religionist? Summing up:In my previous articles, I have tried to convince myself and my readers, with the facts that today we have the most modern and conventional ways of governing mankind. I have tried to give the utmost realistic view of […]

Why do I blog?

From the reactions, I got from people, I notice that some of the readers do not really understand why I started blogging and why now. This month it is 6 years ago I made the hardest choice of my life and left the cult and the faith I grew up in. You can read more […]

Burning Earth awaits the Messiah – Chapter I

Summary: Burning Earth awaits the Messiah, but which one, a democratic, dictator, king, communist, nationalist or a religionist? Current Affairs: In a world full of hatred, scandals, corruptions, financial imbalances, moral imbalances, racisms, cruelties, drugs, weapons and wars, every leader thinks of themselves as taking best decisions for the country they represents individually. Not realizing that […]

OMG my first concert in an arena

In a lifetime there are a lot of first times. And the last few years I have done a lot already that I wasn’t allowed to do before. In the Message, most of any entertainment was kind of forbidden since it was from the Devil. Clapping and cheering was idol worshipping. Worldly music was off […]

I am sorry, I did it too.

This is not the first time I have said this. But I am sorry. Sorry for how I treated the people when I was in the Message. I was on my high horse looking down to everyone who didn’t accept the Message as truth. I condemned everyone who didn’t live the Message life by the […]

I wanted to say but I didn’t

Whenever I was joyful Wherever I was cheerful I wanted to say but I didn’t. In school times, when I was a kid After coming home from school I wanted to say but I didn’t. Every time I got to eat my favorite dishes Every time I got to drink my favorite drinks I wanted […]

Kashmir: the burning beauty

There are many places in the World that I have been to and many that I want to go still. I have been to England, the USA, Turkey, Dubai and many more places. They all are very amazing places to visit. They all have their own special magic that attracts the tourists like if you […]